Celina’s Biscochitos offers traditional New Mexican biscochito cookies for sale by the dozens. Derived from the Spanish diminutive form of bizcocho – the Spanish name for biscuit – biscochitos, flavored with cinnamon and anise, are a delicious and savory treat.

Celina’s Biscochitos offers traditional style biscochitos, using a recipe that has been handed down from Celina’s grandmother. Using only the most authentic techniques, these traditional New Mexican biscochitos will transport you back to a simple time when these biscuit cookies were the cookie of choice for residents of the Southwest. They only use lard in their cookies – no butter or oil substitutes – which results in that perfectly moist taste and feel that’s characteristic of traditional biscochitos. All biscochitos are made a quarter-inch thick, with cinnamon and anise spices added after they come out of the oven – keeping with tradition.

Traditional biscochitos are perfect to serve at special celebrations such as weddings, baptisms and religious holidays like Christmas. Commonly served alongside hot chocolate, biscochitos are a perfect cookie to dip into hot beverages like coffee, as well. Order a sampler or a dozen and discover the great taste for yourself.

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